After the storm…

I have the good fortune of working with wonderful people.  Interesting, smart, creative, good people.  People whose stories I love hearing, and whose lives  I am pleased to be a part of.  One of these amazing clients is a nonagenarian.  He comes charging up my stairs far more vehemently than many people half his age.  Today when I asked him how he was feeling, he answered, “Crabby.  Crabby and grumpy.”  This surprised me because he has such energy, and seems always ready with a smile.  But then  I remembered he had answered the same when he was in last month, and I pointed that out.  “I did?”, he asked.  Then he sighed deeply.  “Well,” he said, “I really have nothing to complain about…”  then he sighed again.

After the massage I repeated the question.  “Oh Mandy, you always wash away the crabby!” he said.  It reminded me of Saturday’s storm and what followed.  Here’s the photo I took by the roadside.

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