Shoemaker’s Children

Yesterday morning, my older daughter complained of a sore neck.  She had difficulty turning her head.  Simply woke up that way.  I had her lie on her bed, stretching across it sideways, and I kneeled on the floor and tended to some really knotted suboccipitals (the muscles that cross from the top of the neck to the base of the cranium.)  We were short on time, so after a few minutes I grabbed the Tiger Balm, rubbed it on, and assured her she’d be feeling better by lunch.  After all, she’s fourteen.  Young, healthy, resilient.  Right?

I didn’t see her again until that evening.  She still couldn’t turn her head and was still in pain.  I felt awful!  I never would have dismissed a client like that!  But that’s one of the challenges of bringing work home, I guess.  It was too late to bring her to the office.  We were all tired.  But she certainly needed to be tended to.  So I had her lie on the couch this time, again on her back, with her head in my lap.  I grabbed the extra light olive oil from the kitchen.  We went to work.  I knew where to find the root of the issue and went straight to her levator scapulae and upper traps.  She jumped and howled the moment I touched them.  But with a little TLC, those muscles softened up, became pliant again, and released their torment.

This morning?  Full mobility in her neck!  Pain 98% diminished.  I’ve heard of the Shoemaker’s children going barefoot.  But this Massage Therapist’s children can’t go out in the world hindered in any way!  At least, not if I can help it.

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