Taking Out the Trash

I was racing around this morning, trying to gather all my recycling bins (with their overflowing contents) and garbage and getting it loaded  into my little car so that I could take it to the Transfer Station before work.  I really dislike this task.  That’s why it was all overflowing.  I was trying to find an up side to this unpleasant, but completely necessary chore.  I tried to remember how pleasant it is to have a clear recycling area in my home.  Yes, that’s always nice…  I tried to remember that it doesn’t really take that much time out of my day.  True.  But then why don’t I do it more frequently?  (What I really wanted was simply to have someone else do it for me!)  Then I started thinking of the fact that the things I was getting rid of once served me.  The packaging from the cereal boxes, the glass from the juice bottles, the plastic from the yogurt containers.  All things that served me, but don’t any longer.  Recycle them.  And all the things that, sadly, cannot be recycled and are tossed into the garbage can.  All these things once served a purpose in my life but don’t any longer.  So I release and get rid of these things.

It’s not unlike the process of what happens in our bodies, minds, and spirits when we meditate or receive massage therapy or energetic body work.  When we meditate, our mind is freed from the thoughts that plague us but perhaps don’t serve our highest good.  When we receive massage therapy, we release from our muscles and bodies the tensions and discomforts that no longer serve us.  In and energetic bodywork session our bodies and spirits are cleansed of patterns that no longer serve us.  In a sense, we’re “taking out the trash”.  Clearing the way for better health.

My recycling area is once again clear and organized.  My trash can is empty.  Phew!  Now I’m going to go meditate, and clear my mind.

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