Centering, De-Stressing, Recovering with Massage




“I just feel all jittery inside.  Shaky,” she said.  My client had just had a meeting with her soon-to-be ex-husband.  While the meeting had gone fairly smoothly, she was shaken.  She’d lost her moorings a bit.  She was pale.  Her eyes darted about.  She couldn’t sit still.  “Where in your body do you feel shaky?” I asked. She placed her hand on her abdomen.  “Here, I guess.  Almost like there are snakes slithering around.”  She needed to be soothed.  She needed to get grounded.  She needed to remember who she was, who she is.  She needed to step away from those old paths of insecurity she travelled in her failing marriage.  I incorporated several Healing Touch Energetic techniques in her massage, with a focus on soothing and releasing the tension in her muscles and in her energies.  When she stood up from the table, her voice had dropped a few octaves.  She said she felt relieved.  Did massage make her troubles go away?  No, of course not.  But massage did help her get back to her center.  It helped washed away the stress.  It helped her recover so that she could face and handle the difficult issues in a healthy way.  She felt stronger and more at peace with herself.

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