New Beginnings

My world is full of new beginnings lately. This blog, for one thing. While I’ve been practicing massage therapy for close to 20 years, it’s not something I’ve spoken much about. I’ve never even advertised. New clients find me via other clients. Word-of-mouth has always been my modus operandi, but certainly not the words from my own mouth! So when my friend recommended that I start a blog, I laughed. I could never have enough to say! Try it, he urged me. You just might surprise yourself. So I did. And I’m finding he’s right! I have a lot to say and share. And I’m loving it.

Today I also got a FaceBook page up and running. I was so thrilled to have lots of likes already. Thrilled, amazed, and surprised.

I’ve always been a very private person. “Putting myself out there” seemed scary and intimidating. But, with the encouragement and support of a very special circle of friends, I found the courage to begin doing just that. Putting myself, my experiences, my expertise, my thoughts “out there”. Because who knows, I might just have something to share that will have a healthy impact on someone else. Or maybe even several others. What else could I hope for? A little positive change. Maybe even a lot. One step at a time. One day at a time. Working through and past my own self-imposed fears. Having fun on the journey.

Good night World. Rest well.


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