Meditation Circle Today

  Meditation Circle today 10:30am at Stairway Healing Arts (1 Washington Street, Cambridge, NY).  I know this is short notice.  I’ve been waiting until the space was “perfect”…..   I’ve been hard at work these past couple months creating this new studio and meditation space.  But I know myself.  There will always be something I want to change or improve.  My original plan was to open Meditation Circles to the general public the first week of November.  I’m going to keep with that plan.  Those of you who join me in person will see the progression of the surroundings.  Those of you who meditate with me from afar can envision a lovely, peaceful, restorative space, and I thank you for that!  So, whether you join me in person from 10:30-11am this morning, or if you sit down where ever you are at that time, we’ll meditate together.  Clear our minds of all the rattle and bump.  Breathe deeply in, and exhale thoroughly.  Again, and again, and again, and again…  If you find that your mind chatters excessively, it’s helpful to repeat a mantra;  phrase or word to focus on.  I like “love”, or “I am centered and balanced”.  If you have a mantra you’d like to share with the rest of us, please do!  And I’d love to hear about your experience today.  So join me as we sit, breathe, bask in stillness for a few minutes.  Have a wonderful day.  Take good care of yourself.

Stairway Healing Arts Center 1 Washington Street Cambridge, NY 12816

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