Excited. Bewildered. Thrilled. A little scared?

I’ve been practicing massage therapy for the better part of 20 years.  I love my work.  It’s every bit as nourishing for me as it is for my clients, I believe.   I’m also a very private person.  I’ve never advertised my work.  All my clients have found me via the recommendations of other clients.  I worked out of my home for 15 years.  I’m a single parent and this set-up enabled me to work full time while also being present at home for my two daughters.  What a blessing.  But as my children matured into teenagers and became more independent, it became clear that it was also time for me to move the practice out of our home.  I teamed up with another massage therapist and a spiritual counsellor for two years.  It was wonderful to share space with other like-minded professionals.  But as things grew and changed, they found it necessary to move on.  I found myself the sole occupant of a large, wonderful office space.  Time to move out?  Heck no!!!!!!!  Time to grow!  There’s so much more I want to do!  So much I want to share! I have thousands upon thousands  of hours of hands-on time with clients.  I know the human body.  I know health.  I know stress-relief.  I know joy and fear and heart break and love and healing and peace.  Yet….  Putting myself “out there” is a big bridge for me to cross.  I wrote this blog daily for over a week before I mentioned it to anyone.  I held my first meditation circle with three hours notice to the general public.  I don’t have a sign, or any mention of my practice on the outside of my building.  I find myself wondering if anyone reads the blog.  Fears.  Inhibitions.  I have much to share with you.  I have much to discuss about health, wellness, peace of mind.  I have gifts and talents and knowledge of healing and health.  One foot in front of the other.  Gratitude for the support to grow and expand.  Gratitude for the clients who return weekly, biweekly, monthly year after year because the works has such a positive impact on their lives.


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