Meditation when Things Get Messy


Over the weekend, I made a mess of a situation.  Then spent the next few days rehashing it.   Searching for where and how I went wrong, how I screwed up so massively, how I could do things better in the future.  Frankly, I did a pretty good job of beating myself up.  And that isn’t productive.  What was productive and helpful was meditating.  Breathing.  Clearing my head.  Ridding myself of all the self-depricating voices and the worries.  Grounding myself.  Coming back to my center.  Gathering all my scattered energy.   I came out recognizing I’m human.  I screw up sometimes.  I can also do things differently in the future.  And I can take care of myself when my insecurities jump up and smack me!  I wouldn’t be so hard on a friend as I was being on myself.  I also recognized that  mediation is crucial medicine for me.  So each day I sit.

Wishing you a wonderful day!  Take really good care of yourself.

4 thoughts on “Meditation when Things Get Messy

  1. You brought up several important points that if I could remember when a difficult situation raises its ugly head I could relax and meditate and look at it with calmness..This seems to come with age..not so impetuous I guess!

    • Yes! I totally agree with you, Chris! Some wise person stated that “the level of the solution is never found at the level of the problem” (Einstein?) Meditation brings us to a different level. We just need to keep returning to that place again and again and again. I like to think that brings us closer to that level, rather than the frenzied trouble-making one we spend a lot of time at! Thanks for your note!

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