Your Beautiful, Strong, Healthy Body

To me, a huge piece of good health is having a positive body image. Appreciating our body. So many of us have so many self-deprecating remarks to say about our bodies. We tend to be terribly critical. We rarely recognize what is good and wonderful and amazing about our bodies. So here’s what I want for you today: I want you to feel good about your body. I want you to be able to look in the mirror and be grateful for the amazing body you live in. I want you to see all that this incredible vessel does for you every millisecond of every day of your life. I won’t get into the miracle of the heart and circulation, of breath and respiration, of nutrition and digestion and fuel and the myriad of other miracles our body is constantly performing just so we can walk across the room to the refrigerator, or solve a problem, or yell at a passing motorist. Our bodies are amazing. YOUR body is amazing. It’s strong. It’s healthy. It’s beautiful. Try this, right here and now. Say “I have a beautiful, strong, healthy body.” Now say it again, but smile while you say it this time! Repeat. Look in the mirror when you say it. Say it when you get up in the morning. Say it when you brush your teeth. Say it when you bend down to lace your shoes. Say it when you head to work. Say it in the bathroom. Say it when you’re eating. Say it when you’re standing in line at the grocery store. Say it 50 times today. And tomorrow do the same. And the next day. Please.

You have a strong, healthy, beautiful body. Know that.

Have a wonderful day, and take really good care of yourself!

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