Our Body as Guiding Star

photo copy 7I’ve always loved the story of the three wise men; how they were called to find something and how a star assured them of their path and guided them.  I used to envy them that star. It seemed like it made their journey simple and clear.  Of course it wasn’t, but I still loved the notion of the comfort that star must have given them.  Like a big neon arrow in the sky pointing the way for them.

When making choices in my life I used to spend a lot of time looking outside myself for a star to steer by.  Literally.  And I did a lot of running in circles.  But I’m learning to listen inside for guidance.  Not answers, just guidance.  My body holds all the wisdom, instinct, intuition, and guidance I need.  Sometimes it works counter to logic.  I imagine plenty of people thought those kings were crazy to follow a star across the desert (with gold no less).  And I know that sometimes my actions seem loopy to others.  But when my heart races happily every time I think about a certain endeavor, I know to go with it.  When my stomach ties in knots over something that logic is telling me to do, I hold back and regroup.  I listen to the signs and signals my body offers.  And the better I listen, the more it offers.  It doesn’t assure me that everything is going to turn out perfectly, but it does show me what’s best for me.  And when I do what’s best for me, I’m taking good care of myself.  And when I’m taking good care of myself, I’m taking good care of everyone else too.  By becoming more aware of and attuned to our bodies, we open ourselves to the wisdom within.  It’s a process.  Massage therapy and energetic bodywork are excellent means of helping us do this.  As a massage therapist I love helping people tune in to their body’s guidance.  Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about this.

Mandy Meyer-Hill, BA, LMT

Stairway Healing Arts Center
1 Washington Street
Cambridge, NY  12816

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