Marleigh and Me: A Healing Journey (Part I)

Marleigh at Popham Beach, Maine.  Labor Day 2012.  She chose this photo.

Marleigh at Popham Beach, Maine. Labor Day 2012. She chose this photo.

I’ve always considered myself the luckiest mom on the planet because I have the two most incredible daughters that I get to share my life with.  Seriously.  My girls are bright, vibrant, confident, healthy, interesting, fun, creative, and just awesome to be with every day.  Being a single parent can be challenging and lonely.  But we’re a tight trio with a healthy, rich connection that I also think is rooted in the fact that I’ve raised them alone.

But my older daughter, Marleigh, has been struggling lately.  Grades dropping, crying a lot, feeling down, having a lot of trouble focusing.  I have her permission and blessing to discuss this on my blog, by the way, because she and I have found a way through this.

Let me tell you a bit about Marleigh.  She’s always been a strong student and an athlete.  She’s known for her happy disposition, her goofiness, and for being a prize clown.   Her principal said, “Oh, Marleigh.  She always seems so happy.  So unusual for that age…”    She’ll be the first to intervene when she feels someone is being mistreated and she’s an excellent judge of character.  She’s kind and thoughtful, and her friends count on her for solid advice and insights.  I really admire her.

So the depression, the inability to focus, and the dropping grades were a severe turn from her normal way of life, and I was getting scared.  So was she.  So we visited our counsellor and her doctor to see if we were missing any serious health concerns.  In both cases she was awarded a clean bill of health.  She seemed to be right on target for a maturing 14 year old female.  But I wanted to support her, help her focus, re-adjust, settle back into her happy and confident self, and hopefully even get her grades back up to reflect the bright gal she is.  Then I realized that I could probably help her. I started digging through my little medicine bag of massage and energy therapy techniques and came up with a bunch of good ideas.  And then I developed a plan.

Over the next few days and weeks I’d like to share the healing techniques we’re using and her progress.  She’s already feeling the results.

Mandy Meyer-Hill, BA, LMT

Stairway Healing Arts Center
1 Washington Street
Cambridge, NY  12816

2 thoughts on “Marleigh and Me: A Healing Journey (Part I)

  1. Thank you. A great reminder for a mom and massage therapist dealing with a college aged son with development/social difficulties.

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