Marleigh and Me: A Healing Journey Begins

A simple chime.

A simple chime.

So my darlin’ daughter Marleigh was unhappy, even depressed.  Crying frequently.  Having great difficulty focusing and concentrating.  Her grades at school were suffering.   I was scared, feeling helpless.  I wanted to help and support her but didn’t know how.   Until I finally started looking at the situation as a massage therapist and energy worker.  How would I handle this if she were a client coming to me for these issues?  Big a-ha moment for mom.  More like a great big “DUH!”   A line from some 1970s sitcom or movie kept running through my head, “We have the technology to heal her” (was it the Bionic Woman?  Star Wars?  no matter)    I realized I actually did know how to help her and I developed a little treatment plan.  And that felt really, really good.

Phase I:  Shift the Energy

The first thing to do was shift the energy around her.  The heavy energies of sadness, anger, strife, and unhappiness can get stuck in us, and in our living and work spaces.  Sound waves can help to move these heavy, damp, stuck energies.  I decided to start helping Marleigh (all three of us, actually) by clearing the energy in our home.  I have a wonderful little brass chime with a clear, strong ring.  Its sound waves resonate long after it’s been rung.   It’s an awesome tool for clearing energies and I use it a lot in my work, as well as to signify the beginning and close of every Meditation Circle.  So I brought the chime home and rang it in every room, every door way, every window, under each bed, and in every nook and cranny of our home.   It was like opening a window on a breezy sunny day into a room that’s cold and damp.  I did this each day this past week.  My daughters roll their eyes when they hear the chime and say, “Mom’s going all Fig Leaf again”.  And that’s okay.  Because, honestly, there was a lightness, calmness, and genuine warmth between us this week that I hadn’t felt in several months.  I’ll continue to clear the space at least twice a week from now on.  But now the stage was set for the next phase of my treatment plan, which we began Thursday evening.

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