Marleigh and Me: The Healing Process

Phase II:  Focusing, Getting Rest

Last Thursday Marleigh came to me and said she thought she was going a bit loopy because she’d spent the last 45 minutes re-reading the same 4 paragraphs.  She was really frustrated and said she just couldn’t focus.  She said she’d been having that trouble in class, too.  She was terribly distracted by anything and everything, including her own thoughts.  Scattered.  I realized I knew how to help her with that.   I talked to her about doing some energy work and a bit of massage therapy she lit up and said, “That sounds great!”  She’s always loved to receive this work but with our busy lives I realize what a long, long time it’s been since we’ve done any massage or energy work on a regular basis.

So we got comfy on the couch.  I massaged her cranium and neck for a bit, which helped her just relax.  Then I moved to her feet and did the same.  Massaging our feet helps us to “get out of our heads”.  When our minds are buzzing and whirling a little foot massage can help to quiet it a bit.  So I massaged her feet, then began the energy work on her soles.  I listened as her breathing deepened and her fluttering eyes quieted.

Then I moved back to her head and did the “Mind Clearing” sequence.  She’s always loved this, and I’d forgotten.  It was a really nice experience for us both.  When we finished, I held her head in my lap for a bit.  She went back to her reading and finished the chapter.  I hope she retained it…

I practiced the same technques when she went to bed that night.  Friday morning she told me that she didn’t remember me leaving the room and that she slept deeply all night through.  She said  it was the first night she’d fallen asleep immediately in over a month. As well as the first night she’d slept uninterrupted.  That’s a good start.

We agreed to do these techniques at least once a day for a few weeks.  She’s already sleeping better, and she said classes went well on Friday.

This will be an on-going process.  I’m also teaching her techniques she can practice on her own which I’ll tell you a bit about tomorrow.  Thank you for being present with us on this healing journey.

Mandy Meyer-Hill

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
Stairway Healing Arts Center

1 Washington Street
Cambridge, NY  12816



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