Marleigh and Me: Healing Progress

My massage therapy table, ready for work.

My massage therapy table, ready for work.

My teen daughter Marleigh and I have been addressing some difficulties with focus, attention, sleep, and sadness  through massage therapy and energetic bodywork.  There was an immediate shift in her life experience when we began the work together.

1.  She’s falling asleep readily, and sleeping through the night uninterruptedly.  So she’s getting her rest.  That’s essential and foundational to good health, and it’s a drastic change from her sleep patterns in the past 8 weeks.

2.  She’s getting her reading homework done.  And she’s been reading a lot more in general, which has been an added benefit.  Reading, other than the short-attention-span skimming of the internet, had slipped out of her free time.  She’d begin books but hadn’t finished them.  Now she’s completing her homework, then choosing a favorite book to sink in to.  Right now she’s completely absorbed in a good read and is tearing through it.  This, to me, is an unexpected thrill.  So she’s settling in and getting her school work done (thoroughly), and she’s also settled enough to do lots of extra reading.

3.  She’s focusing better in class and practicing new techniques I taught her to help rein herself in when her mind starts darting around.  She’s actually doing this and tells me it’s helped her focus.

So we’re off to a  really good start.  Our lives are really busy.  Marleigh is a ninth grader taking advanced placement classes, participating in 2 sports this season, with a nice social life.  As a single, self-employed mom my days,  evenings, and  weekends are full with my work,  shuttling daughters to practices, and getting to games (which are more often than not at least 20 miles away), trying to keep us all fortified nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually, and having some fun too.  It’s a good life,  and a very full life.  But the point I’m making is that we have to make this healing work a priority so that it will continue.  It’s one more thing to incorporate into our busy lives.  But now that we’ve seen the results, we know that it makes a difference.  A real positive impact.  So we’re going to continue.  We’re making it a priority.   I’ll be keeping you posted.


Mandy Meyer-Hill

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist

Stairway Healing Arts Center

1 Washington Street
Cambridge, NY  12816

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