Starting to Run

Cold and Snowy in Cambridge (10*F)

Cold and Snowy in Cambridge (10*F)

A couple of years ago I wanted to get into running again.  I’ve been a sporadic runner/jogger for all my adult life, so I know that when I get back into it I’m going to suffer from sore muscles for the first few days.  A couple of years ago I found this great program offered by Women’s Health Magazine.  Over a period of 6 weeks it gets you walking and running until you can do a steady 1/2 hour run.  It’s a gentle, effective process.  I loved it.

Since then I’ve learned some invaluable breathing techniques that enhance any workout experience and essentially eliminate the sore muscle issue, believe it or not.  I incorporate this breath work when I’m exercising, when I’m meditating, or when I’m just feeling a little tired.  It’s energizing, and it also helps balance our body’s pH.  I love sharing and teaching this technique, and I’ll be talking more about it in the future.

Here’s the link to the running program if you’re interested in starting running.  You have my full support.  I’d love to hear about your choice to start running, your daily progress, and even your woes.  Though I think woes will be few because it’s a gentle, effective program.  Hope you have fun!


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