Tending to the Mundane

Simba, Jungle Cat

Simba, Jungle Cat

Lately I’ve been addressing the rushing, hurrying, running-late piece of my life.  I actually ran a stop watch yesterday while I did my various personal routines.  I discovered how much time they really took to accomplish without pressuring myself for time.  Now I have the facts, mundane as they are.  I can schedule my mornings in a structure of reality rather than the frenzied structure of fantasy.  Reality:  I’m not the bionic woman and my car is not a time machine.  The small things are important and they need my time.  Period.

These are mundane little facts and truths.  But they are my reality.  I know from experience that when my mind is racing with my to-do list and responsibilities, I’m frenzied.  When I’m not racing, I can tend to the to-dos and responsibilities with calm mindfulness.  And I can think calmly about the bigger stuff.  But really, it’s all important.  I’ve read a lot about the spirituality in tending to the mundane realm and I’ve understood it intellectually.  I’m finally discovering that fact personally.


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