Cold and windy.

Cold and windy.

We Om at the beginning and close of each meditation circle.  (I love that that this word can be both noun and verb.)  The Om can really be an amazing experience.  Like today.  The sounds and tones just filled my body, the space around and between us, the room.  The air was vibrating.  I was covered with chills.  The Om-ing transported me into meditation.  Afterward, after meditation and closing Oms, and all day I felt refreshed and renewed.  Something like the feeling of a cool swim on a brutally hot day, but not quite.  It worked from the inside of me, and out.  Not the other way around.   I feel solid, grounded; like my foundations have been fortified.

3 thoughts on “Om

  1. Hi mandy
    I have been enjoying your posts. Wish i lived closer so i could join meditation circle but i am feeling the vibes from afar lol. Happy to hear your daughter is pulling out of her midwinter funk. Hope to come to ny soon to check house in saratoga. I’ll call to make an appt for another wonderful massage. Cold and windy here in Maine where i have hunkered down for past month. Thinking of you! Barrister will sit out the next session! Am i the first to get a massage with a poodle sitting pn my stomach? Lol Best. Marci

    • So good to hear from you, Marcie! Yes, though several dogs accompany their people during their sessions, Barrister is the first to sit on his person during their massage! I’ve been thinking of you and look forward to seeing you when you’re in Saratoga next. Maybe you can also join us for the meditation retreat and workshop on March 16th? Wishing you the very best and glad to have heard from you, Mandy

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