Ah Wonderful Day

Drinking in the view.

Drinking it all in.

Standing on the rocky overlook today when I took this picture, it felt like a great thirst was being quenched.  The expansive view, the biting air, the warm sunshine; it was all nourishing me.  Not just my body, but my heart and spirit as well.  It felt like something deep inside was smiling, laughing.  Joy.  I felt joy.

This day was joyful beginning to end.  My birthday.  Shared with people I love and who love me back.  Notes, messages, phone calls, and visits from friends and family near and far, as well.  It was all delicious and fun and truly fed my soul and spirit.  Oh happy day!   I thank each and every one who touched my life today.  I wish the same joy to all of you who read this.  I just can’t stop smiling.




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