Oops, no take-backs

My barn door.

My barn door.

So yesterday I tried something new.  I brought my iPad to work with me and thought I’d post on my blog between clients. I hadn’t been writing much lately and I missed it.  I downloaded the WordPress App, and on a break started putting down some thoughts.  I had an image and idea I wanted to explore, but once I started writing, it got scattered.  Then I started feeling pressed for time.  I had a client due any minute.  Better to set this aside and look at it later, I thought.  So I did.  That was yesterday morning.  I didn’t get another chance to even check my email until later that night when I got home around 8.   I was mortified when I found a comment to that blog in my inbox.  My stomach started to turn.  Oh no.  How did it get out there?  Who knows.  When I closed the App I guess it published it automatically.  I panicked.  My first reaction was to erase the post.  Wipe it from the internet.  But we all know that’s impossible.  It was already out there.  There are no take-backs in the electronic world.  Dang.  So I took a deep breath.  And then I decided to just  Let    It    Go.

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