This morning  I heard from a couple of people who had registered for this weekend’s Meditation Workshop & Retreat.  Due to circumstances beyond their control, they had to withdraw from participating.  Our small group has become too small.  So I made the decision to postpone the retreat.  Unless, of course, a few people register this evening.  I’ll reschedule the date later in April or May.

I was really looking forward to this experience.  I can’t help but feel disappointed that I’m having to cancel for the time being.  Yet I am confident that things happen for the best. The weekend is opening for something else for all of us who had planned on participating. Plans are shifting.  A small vacuum has been created.  Perhaps it will be filled with something wonderful.  Perhaps not.  But the day will fill-up with something else.  I’ll keep you posted on the new and improved date for later this Spring.


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