Miracle of Good Work



I had a received craniosacral session today from a very gifted and talented friend.  I’ve received several sessions over the years, yet I don’t know much more about craniosacral work other than that it helps to balance our body’s cerebrospinal fluids.  (the fluids that bathe our brains and spinal cords.)  What I do know for sure is that it’s wonderful work.  While receiving it, I go to another world.  Today I was floating far out at sea.  Literally.  Or so it seemed.  I could hear the water.  I was floating on the pulsing rhythms of the waves.  I could smell the salt.  I was floating in the middle of the ocean, yet felt completely safe and peaceful.  When I came back around I felt wonderfully peaceful.  AND my ears were quiet.  I’ve had increasingly loud crickets chirping in my ears for a few months now.  Tinnitus.  A result, I believe, of running a lawnmower without protective ear equipment.  Anyway, at the session’s end, there were no crickets chirping.  My ears were blessedly quiet.  It felt like a miracle.  It was good work.  Thank you Mary.

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