Anatomy Pop Quiz



Do you remember when you were in high school and your biology teacher would greet you first thing on Monday with a cheery “Good Morning!”.  You’d be all bleary-eyed and tired because, well, because you were a teenager and that’s generally how teens feel on any given morning, especially Mondays.  Then s/he would announce a pop quiz. You’d groan, roll your eyes, and slouch even more deeply into your chair.  Not only because you were totally unprepared but also because, well, you were a teen.

Well, you’re not a teen anymore and I’m not a biology teacher, but I’m going to start this last-day-of-September-Monday-morning with a little Anatomy Pop Quiz anyway.  Anyone who answers it, right or wrong, gets a gold star.  Tomorrow I’ll answer it myself, along with a little story about this part of your body, including issues we may experience around it and how massage therapy can tend to those issues.  You might just learn a little something.

So without further ado, Stairway’s first Anatomy Pop Quiz:

1.  Your Occiput.  What is it and where in your body does it live?  Discuss.

Bonus for you anatomy hotshots:  Name a muscle that attaches to it.


4 thoughts on “Anatomy Pop Quiz

  1. ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!! Dust off that kinesiology in my brain! The occiput, also known as the occipital bone is basically the back of the head, the bone forming the back of the skull. The bump on inferior aspect of the back of your head is the occipital protuberance and is a focal point for massage. There are 4 suboccipital muscles, three of which comprise the occipital triangle, aka Rectus Capitus group. These suboccipital muscles provide the stabilization and fine movements that support the major muscle that originates in the inferior aspect of the occiput, the trapezius. My occiput is greatly looking forward to it being massaged this afternoon~

    • Oh Deb, I KNEW I could count on you! And SO text book, too. I wasn’t going to go into so much detail. I’m just going to cut and paste your answer tomorrow. hehe You get TWO gold stars. Where are my emojis when I need them?

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