Anatomy Quiz #2



Good Morning!  Thought we’d start the week with another Anatomy Quiz.  So here goes:

  • How many bones are in your spine?
  • Bonus:  Can you name the different regions of the spine and corresponding vertebra?  (Yes, Deb, I’m talking to you.)

If you haven’t a clue, that’s fine.  But why not just tune-in to your back today.  Notice how it moves.  Notice your back’s mobility and fluidity, or lack-there-of.  Do you have any tension or discomfort anywhere along your spine?  Where exactly?  What does it feel like?  Look at your spine in the mirror (using the double mirror thing to see behind you) or look at your partner’s spine.  What do you observe?  I’m not asking you to be critical. I just want you to get some sense of this wondrous part of your body.  I encourage you to investigate and experience your spine today.  Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Anatomy Quiz #2

  1. The regions of the spine are vast and wondrous, like the Kundalini snake that resides there, it is vulnerable and powerful, filled with a lightening energy that when straight and tall can allow a person to fulfill their dreams. And really what difference does it make how many bones there are, unless of course we’re missing one.

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