It’s Here! New Table Warmer



“Your comfort is essential.”

That’s something I stress when you come in for your massage or energy work. The more comfortable you are, the better you’re able to receive the work. Whether it’s the pressure I’m applying, the style or volume of the music I have playing in the background, any outside noises or interference (like maybe your cell phone…), the temperature of the room, or a number of other possible influences that can enhance or hinder your comfort and, therefore, the quality of your healing session.

Temperature is key. I don’t want your body’s thermostat to have to work at all to warm you up or cool you down. Not even the slightest.

So in the summer, I run the fans or air conditioner. And I use light cotton or microfiber sheets.

In the cooler months… All right, I’ll just say it: In the deep freeze of upstate New York’s brutal and relentless  winters, it’s essential that I make sure you’re cozy and warm for your massage or energy work. So I pull out the flannel sheets, the down comforter, and, everyone’s favorite: the table warmer.

When you get under the covers, you always breathe a sigh of relief. Partly because it’s just so lovely and unusual to lie down in the middle of the day. And partly because that cozy, warm, heated table is just a slice of heaven. Welcoming and warm.

When you’re warm and comfortable, you’re more relaxed. When you’re relaxed, you’re ready to receive. When you’re ready to receive you’re ready to begin the healing and rejuvenating work that lies ahead.

So when I pulled out the table warmer a couple of weeks ago and plugged it in, I was dismayed that it wouldn’t turn on. And so, I might add, were a number of you. It had served me well, probably having clocked several thousand hours.

So I ordered a new one and it arrived last night in all its fleecy, cozy,  plushness. I set it up today, set its thermostat for a cozy 108 degrees, and listen to the “oohs” and “aahs” when you each lie down.

It’s here. Not just the cold Northeast winter. But, more importantly, the cozy, delightful, warmth of your next massage and healing session.


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