Evasive Bear

Bear in the fields behind our homes, en route to the Battenkill.

Bear in the fields behind our homes, en route to the Battenkill.


Bear seems partial to trash.  Since my trip to the dump, s/he’s turned up her/his nose at my burnt offerings.  Of course, we didn’t get the motion cameras set up until AFTER my dump excursion.  So I’ve been putting off writing this post, hoping that one night Bear would return and I’d capture its image on Candid Camera.  Well, I have several nice shots of Weston and Kodi (my dogs) nosing through the treats I left for Bear.  One nice close-up of Weston investigating the camera.  Several shots of my car coming and going from my drive way.  One questionable shot of a fuzzy back, which doesn’t look like either of my dogs.  But then we accidentally erased all the photos…  Anyway, Bear remains elusive.  Except for this shot my neighbor captured on his phone’s camera (shame it wasn’t an iPhone!).  Bear was walking down the path from our homes to the Battenkill River.  This photo reminds me a bit of all those famous shots of Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot that floated around in the 70s.  I tried cropping and enlarging, but the phone is only 6 megapixels and the photo only became more grainy and unclear.  Bear remains evasive.


Bear. To Be Continued



I packed-up all the garbage this morning and brought it to the dump.  My little Honda Fit was filled to the gills with Bear’s cast-offs. This evening I met up with my most wonderful brother-in-law, Marty, and he loaned me two motion cameras.  (One is a little beat-up from a bear nibbling on it in the woods.)  I set them up in my barn with a good view of the trash can.  Since I hauled off the yummy garbage, I’ll have to leave out a treat for the bear to see if s/he will return.  Feels like leaving cookies for Santa.  Hopefully we’ll get some good shots.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m enjoying the idea of this mysterious night time visitor.  I haven’t had a chance to speak with any of my shaman friends, but I will later this week. If I get any good photos of Bear I’ll be sure to post them.  This reminds me of a story series I used to read to my daughters:  If you give a bear a cookie…

Bear Returns (yet again)

NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife - Know the Bear Facts-Black ... www.state.nj.us -

NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife – Know the Bear Facts-Black …


So I’ve picked-up the contents of 3 contractor bags of trash two days in a row now.  That means Bear and I have used 9 huge contractor garbage bags instead of three.  So this morning when I visited the fall-out of Bear’s most recent rampage, I decided to just let it lie.  I know that sounds gross.  And I’m not proud to admit that I’m leaving garbage all over my barn.  But seriously?  Come on!  So I’m using the “wasteful” card.  Can’t “waste” any more plastic.  That , and the “I just don’t want to pick garbage any more!” card.   I’ll pick it all up one last time tomorrow morning, when the dump/recycling center FINALLY re-opens and I can get rid of all the trash.  A friend suggested I set-up a motion sensor camera so I can see what Bear looks like.  Great idea!  Several of my friends use these cameras in the woods to capture images of wild life, so I hope to get my hands on one by day’s end.  Maybe I’ll get a good shot or two of Bear enjoying the smorgasbord I’ve left out for her/him.

I invited Bear to join me in my dreams last night, but my exhausted sleep was so deep that I don’t recall a single dream. However, meditating yesterday was another story.  I experienced two visions, of sorts.  In the first meditating vision/dream I was standing and Bear was walking towards me.  S/he circled me on all fours, the stood behind me and placed her/his front paws gently on my shoulders, claws and all.  There we stood for some time.  After that “experience” drifted away, I was again sitting in Meditation Circle, yet a bear cub walked over to me and laid in my lap, on it’s back.  We cuddled, as you would with a toddler human.  Both of these “visions” felt like an initiation of sorts.  An initiation and welcoming into the medicine of Bear.  The journey has begun.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have a photograph of my night time visitor.

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