Preparing the Space



My studio, Stairway Healing Arts Center, is located at 1 Washington Street in Cambridge, NY.  Cambridge is a small village nestled between the rolling foothills of the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains, and is bordered by the beautiful Battenkill River.  My studio is in the village center, next door to Hubbard Hall Arts Center, down the block from  Battenkill Books, down the street from the Cambridge Food Coop, and upstairs from the former Bean Heads Coffee House.  I used to share my office space with two other wonderful practitioners.  At Labor Day of this year they both moved out somewhat suddenly, though very amicably.  I unexpectedly found myself with a large office space all to myself.  It was a bit of a jolt at first, and my first thought was that I needed to move to a smaller space.  But that thought was immediately followed by the notion that I could use ALL this space for my practice.  That room I’d been referring to as The Meditation Room for two years but only practiced meditation in when no one else was around?  Voila!  The new Meditation Room!  Just needs a new wall color and some work on the window.  (Window’s complete, more painting ahead of me today.)  The support, encouragement, and interest the arose every time I mentioned my ideas were great motivation.  So I got to work.  

I love the way one becomes intimate with a space by cleaning, repairing, painting, decorating.  I’ve had this experience with my office.  From every step of the stairwell, to it’s thirty feet walls (yes, I painted those myself!!  but that’s another story), to my new studio and its four floor-to-ceiling windows.  Scraping, washing, priming, painting…  Next the Meditation Room.  Meditation Circles begin next week  (I’ll have the schedule posted within the next 24 hours)  Creating my space.  Setting the tone.  Welcoming people.  Supporting people on their paths of health and being the best they can be.  Preparing this space has been a journey of sorts for me.  Stepping into something a little bigger and a lot more fun than what I used to allow myself to be.  Spreading the word.  Promoting and nourishing good health and vitality.