Jumping for Joy

There’s been a lot of excitement in our house for several weeks, building over the past few days.  It all culminates tomorrow.  Marleigh’s attending her first prom.  She’s going with a friend.  A senior.  She’s a freshman.  She has her dress.  Her new shoes arrived in the mail last weekend.  Manicure and pedicure tonight (!).  Hair tomorrow at noon.  Her date picks her up at 1.

The excitement is palpable.  The air is buzzing.  Delaney is bouncing almost as much as her sister.  There’s a constant chatter, mostly about nervousness and excitement.  But along with the excitement and planning, we’ve also discussed the potential hazards that often accompany prom.  Read: drinking, partying, and sex.  What to do if the situations arise, how to handle them.  Exit strategies.  We hope she doesn’t have to use them.  We want this to be a night of fun and laughter.  The stuff of great memories.  But if anything uncomfortable should arise, she’s comfortable with implementing our plan.

I’ve received some quizzical looks from other parents.  “Ninth grade is too young for prom”, say some of the looks.  “Do you KNOW what goes on?” say others.   I’ve been smiling, and pretending not to notice their concern.  I don’t explain anything to the parents with the concerned looks because I choose not to defend my parenting.  Marleigh’s prepared.  She’s a confident gal, secure in her own skin.  And I am confident that she will have a wonderful experience.  If, God forbid, things turn sour I will be here for her without question.  She and I both know that.

In a few days her first prom will be a memory.  Meanwhile, we’re basking in the joys and excitement of preparing for the event.  Jumping for joy.