Healing the World

Yesterday, I finished a 21 day Meditation exercise with Deepak Chopra.  It wasn’t one-on-one, but it felt like it.  Along with dozens of thousands of others, I joined Deepak daily via the internet for a guided meditation exercise.  It was a lovely, deepening experience.  I also love that he taught me more sanskrit mantras.  Those mantras are wonderfully helpful to me to quiet my mind when it gets too busy.  They help me center, and ground myself.  I have a number of other tools that assist with that too, but that’s another day’s writing.  At the close of our 21 days “together”, Deepak told us:  “As you elevate your abundant consciousness, you do your part to heal the world.”  I love this notion.  And I firmly believe it’s true.  It takes my little mantra of “when we take care of ourselves, we can take care of all the other things so much better” to another level.  My spiritual counselor, Mary Muncil, has worked with me over the past few years to understand that when I “vibrate at a higher level” I not only raise my own spiritual awareness, but I also help clear the way for others to do the same.  That too is the same notion that Deepak is expressing.  Taking care of ourselves, vibrating at a higher frequency, elevating our consciousness.  These are things we do for ourselves.  They are not “selfish” in a negative way that detracts from others’ experiences.  These things we do for ourselves to help ourselves actually help everyone on some level.  When we heal ourselves, we help heal humanity and the planet.  When we are happy and joyful, we share that and help raise others to that place.  Joy is contagious.  Love is epidemic.  Health is expansive.

Have a wonderful day.  Take really good care of yourself.  You are healing the world.