Taking Care of Ourselves

In the midst of our busy, hectic lives it’s essential that we take time to take care of ourselves.  Sometimes that means taking a moment to step away from what we’re working on to simply breath deeply.  Perhaps step outside, look up at the sky, take a deep breath into our belly, push that air out, out, out.  Breathe in again…  Breathe out, out, out.  Smile.
Sometimes it means spending time with the people we love.  Turn off all electronic devices, maybe light a candle, sip a cup of tea together.  Look each other in the eye.  Talk.  Listen.  Breathe.
Sometimes it means receiving a therapeutic massage.  Massage soothes the body, which in turn quiets the mind.  The creative process is nourished during this time.  In fact, you’ll be surprised at how your creativity flows after massage.  Problems diminish in size.  Solutions to issues arrive.  Life is good.  You are safe.  You are well.  You are loved.  You are cared for.


Life can be hectic.  Crazy at times.  Even frantic. A client may arrive stressed, tired, exhausted, depleted, overwhelmed.  We talk, discuss what’s going on in their lives and discover where these issues may be manifesting in their bodies.  Together we determine what their needs are from the massage today, then get to work.  One of my greatest joys is to see the formerly harried person leave my studio at peace and refreshed, stepping back into the flow and rhythm of their lives with a new strength and outlook.