Today is the Vernal Equinox.  For those of us living North of the Tropic of Cancer and South of the Pole Circle, it means 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of darkness.  Balance.  Equilibrium.  I like that.  But it doesn’t last long.  The earth continues its course and we groove on into longer and longer days.  Back out of balance, in a way.  After the Summer Solstice in June, night begins its turn again as we travel towards fall, then winter when night is king.  But our planet continues hurtling through space, and sunshine reigns again.   For a while.  Cycles.  Ebb and flow.  Balance.  Equilibrium.  But there is no stasis.  No stagnation.

It used to be that when I imagined balance in my life, I pictured weighted scales, like in markets of the old days.  You know the scales I’m talking about, with weights on one side, pouring grains or whatever onto the other side until balance is reached.  I used to live my life constantly trying to keep those darn scales even, constantly trying to readjust myself to keep everything in balance:  me, my family, my relationships, my work… the universe. And when I’d achieve balance I’d freeze and try to hold on to it for as long as I could.  Sometimes it lasted a moment.  Sometimes a day or two.  Never long.  I tried to hold on, but couldn’t.  Things kept moving.  I didn’t recognize the flow.  I didn’t see that life, health, happiness, grief, love, relationships, everything has a cycle.  Things ebb and flow.  Balance is about cycles and flow.  Life, love, health.  All of it.  Allowing flow.  Releasing my death grip.  Letting go.  Putting one foot in front of the other, for sure.  Accepting what comes my way, and also what doesn’t.  Handling both the good and the challenging with some sort of grace.  And sometimes not.  Flow.  Balance.  Equilibrium.  Movement.

I love that on this first day of Spring the sun is shining and the ground is blanketed in snow.   That’s another kind of balance.  And I like it.