Happiness Breeds Health

another good quote found on pinterest

another good quote found on pinterest

When my mom was undergoing treatments for breast cancer nearly 20 years ago, she and my dad made a point of renting funny movies every night.  Things that made them laugh.  My dad drove her to her daily treatments, an hour away.  As long as she was feeling up to it, they’d have a nice lunch afterward, or maybe take a circuitous route home.  Something different.  Something to enjoy together.  Something to make them smile or, better yet, laugh.  This was a healthy way for them to face the fearful and exhausting experience of cancer.  They did it together, and they tried to find something good in each day.  She sailed through treatments.  She had great doctors.  The tumor was found at an opportune time, i.e. at a manageable stage.  Treatments were effective.  But I’m also confident that the happiness they experienced each day helped too.  Certainly with their mental health.  I believe the happiness helped her body receive treatments and heal; that it helped strengthen her chemically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It fortified her and helped her heal.


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